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7th March 2012 | Posted in photography by

Before Friday I had no clue how to use my camera, what the settings were or why you would use them. I have always found taking photographs, especially of my work quite stressful and I heavily rely on Photoshop because my photos are generally a bit rubbish! Because of this I do avoid taking photos which is not the best idea when my business is all about visuals!!

So I got myself booked on a beginners photography day course at the Manchester Photographic.

I was a bit nervous and I could feel myself getting frustrated with the first few tasks but after I began to understand the functions and kept referring to my new notes I started to really enjoy it. We learnt about aperture, shutter speed and ISO while practising on the streets of Manchester. Oreos kept me going.

I met a lovely lady, Maria on the course and the day wouldn’t have been half as much fun without her. Thank you Maria for all your help and giggles!

Even though I took about 300 photographs during the day I wouldn’t say any of them are very good or even interesting to look at but I can see in them what I was aiming for. I feel a lot more knowledgeable now and hopefully you will see an improvement in my photos on here and my website (and definitely more of them!) very soon.

Here’s a few photos from the day…


I would like to thank Manchester Photographic for such a great day, I’m actually excited about taking some photos now!

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