How many do I order?

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With the launch of the new regular feature ‘Everything you need  to know about wedding stationery’ earlier today, let’s start as we mean to go on and follow up with the very first post in the series.

How many do I order? Wedding invitations - letterpress

How many invites do I order?

A common mistake newly engaged couples make when ordering stationery is the quantity of invitations they need. You will be sending one invitation per household, not per guest. Cohabiting couples receive one invitation and for couples living apart, I suggest sending one invite to the guest you’re closer with and including both names on the envelope and invitation. Families should receive one invitation and traditionally children over 18 who live at home or away should receive their own invitation. Take a look at your guest list and count how many houses need invitations before you give your stationer the final number.

Plus a few…

I always recommend that my couples order enough invitations for their guest list, plus at least 10 extra sets for any last minute guest list changes, damages or lost in the post or if you plan on sending invitations to a “B-list” to replace guests who can not attend. From experience there is always extra guests added to the most final of lists. It’s better to order a few extra invites initially, rather than having to re-order more later which can be expensive. Especially if you are having letterpress or foil printed pieces as there is usually a minimum run of 30 so it may not even be possible to order just a couple more a few weeks later.

Don’t forget, you might want to keep one as a keepsake too!

Also consider ordering extra envelopes to allow for addressing errors and if you’re hiring a calligrapher they usually request approx. 15%-20% extra invitations/envelopes for inevitable addressing mistakes.

Ta da, first post done! I hope you found this helpful, these posts will be filed under ‘need to know basis’ in the categories on the right so you can use this resource whenever you need with ease. 

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All about wedding stationery

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Everything you need to know about wedding stationery

It’s not every day you order your wedding stationery. How are you suppose to know what a save the date is or when you should send out your invites?!

Brides and Grooms quite rightly have a ton of questions and I am pleased to help as much as I can throughout the ordering process. There can be a lot to consider but it shouldn’t be overwhelming, the whole experience should be easy and fun!

“It was definitely the most fun I had during the wedding process I have loved emailing you and talking about ideas and then seeing you bring them to life.” CHARLOTTE MARR (BRIDE) May 2013

There are naturally a few reoccurring questions that I’m asked with each new enquiry but I also feel newly engaged couples could benefit from more detailed information that doesn’t seem to be readily available to them. This is why I’m launching a new, regular blog post where I offer a nugget of advice, a tip or just useful information in small, pretty, uncomplicated posts that couples can use as a planning tool – an archive for all things wedding stationery.

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” OSCAR WILDE

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