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Everything you need to know about wedding stationery

It’s not every day you order your wedding stationery. How are you suppose to know what a save the date is or when you should send out your invites?!

Brides and Grooms quite rightly have a ton of questions and I am pleased to help as much as I can throughout the ordering process. There can be a lot to consider but it shouldn’t be overwhelming, the whole experience should be easy and fun!

“It was definitely the most fun I had during the wedding process I have loved emailing you and talking about ideas and then seeing you bring them to life.” CHARLOTTE MARR (BRIDE) May 2013

There are naturally a few reoccurring questions that I’m asked with each new enquiry but I also feel newly engaged couples could benefit from more detailed information that doesn’t seem to be readily available to them. This is why I’m launching a new, regular blog post where I offer a nugget of advice, a tip or just useful information in small, pretty, uncomplicated posts that couples can use as a planning tool – an archive for all things wedding stationery.

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” OSCAR WILDE

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