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17th January 2012 | Posted in gossip by

Silhouette Save the Date

I didn’t really have any New Years resolutions as such but my main aim this year (besides creating lovely stationery for my lovely couples) is to conquer my fear of photography!

As anyone who knows me and has witnessed my attempts to photograph my work before, will know its not a pretty sight! Just the thought of taking a few shots of my designs makes my heart sink mainly because I know it will be hours of stress, time outs, and thinking ‘how the hell do I work this camera?!’ I will spend hours taking photos, then even longer trying to choose which ones are ok and then go on to photoshop them for at least another day. After one of these mammoth sessions I will have about 3 photos to show for my efforts and I  always think ‘oh dear, I can’t put them up for everyone to see!’ so I don’t.

Well, no more! I have booked a beginners photography day course that will teach me about my camera and how to use it. So instead of me avoiding using my camera at all costs I will be aiming to photograph regularly (weekly?!) which means much more blogging to show you all the lovely stationery that leaves the studio everyday, updates on facebook and I’ve just this minute received my invitation from Pinterest which is a great source of inspiration. So keep your eyes peeled and hopefully we will see some progress very soon.

p.s. I took the photo above today with my new positive attitude but I’d rather not say how long it took me…

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